Musings on Shrink Plastic

I attempted a shrink plastic ring. I’d found a tutorial but it wasn’t much of one. I found a couple more though and I’m going to give it another try I’d like to do two different ring styles. One where the entire ring is shrink plastic, the second a design glued to a ring base. I think that’ll give me variety.

I also decided to purchase ring bases, just adjustable rings with a platform you can use for putting stones or beads. I was going to get a basic split ring base then I was confused as to what size meant what, but since I already know I want to work with split rings, as opposed to set sizes, and these are so cheap per 100, I can get a couple different sizes a long with the earring findings I was going to get.

I was also reading one of the tutorials when something she said about a mandrel clicked in my head. If I can figure out the dimensions you need to cut each ring then a sizing mandrel would be a good thing to have to wrap the heated plastic around to make the ring that much closer to that size. So a size 8 would be cut at however many inches then fitted into a hopefully size 8 circle. Mandrels are fairly cheap so getting one’ll be easy. Plus, a mandrel will make polishing the ring that much easier.

I’ve seen a lot of shrink jewelry, some of it not very good at all,  but I haven’t seen many rings. Thank goodness kitsch is in I suppose.

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