Well, with nearly 50 sheets of SP coming, I wanted to have some ring bases for the other style ring I wanted to do. I picked up 200 ring bases.  I decided I liked the little “waffle” that will hold a piece on strong with glue. And, the price and shipping was the best I’d seen.

And, it might be overkill, but I picked up 1/4 pound of clear embossing powder. I’m told it can go on in layers, and can be made to look pretty thick,  and there is some room for experimenting apparently. Not sure yet if I will be putting this stuff on the all SP rings, although I will definitely look into the idea, but the opinion of my good friend Bunny at Faerie Gardens is that it needs to go on after the shrinking of the plastic and not during.  I do really like the idea of making the rings even more professional looking. I think you can get a nicer looking ring with SP, but obviously with the more work, the more you sell.

I also bought my mandrel today. I’m not 100% convinced I need it, but it does seem smarter to have a way to wrap hot plastic around something sized the size you want it. My friend Matti  says she got one from Fire Mountain Gems a while back fairly cheap, but I went for instant gratification since I was already on Etsy.


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