I ordered some shrink plastic today. Around 50 sheets which I’m hoping will hold me over a while. Barring mistakes, if I was just to do rings (a real possibility) I’d have hundreds of rings to sell. But, I have other SP projects I’d like to do so I am setting myself a limit of no more than 20 all SP rings, and 20 rings with bases.  I’m going to try checking Joanne’s for some ring bases, and maybe Wal*Mart. Much as those two stores annoy me, both have a halfway decent supply of jewelery findings and if I can buy a few to hold me over locally, I’d rather.

I have to admit loving working with this medium.  It’s very low brain wave usage to create with, the translucence allows for tracing, the medium handles any sort of decoration, markers, pencils, paints and then glitters and the like. I’ve never really worked with it using embossing powders, and I have no real idea how, but I’d like to give it a try.

I know I have scrap pieces all over the place, think I can find them? Nope. Not sure where they are but I know darn well I have enough to experiment with. Or even to make some small things with.

I also want to invest in some of the bigger punches for doing buttons.  I use the Cricut cutter but that really beats the crap out of the blades.


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