Crafter’s Withdrawal and Thoughts on SP Buttons

I am TOTALLY out of shrink plastic. I  have searched, and turned over long lost crafting rocks and none is to be seen. I don’t have much desire to work on anything else, so of course this means I’m pacing the floors like a crackhead without a fix.

One of the items I have every intention of putting into the Etsy store, along with the 500 other “hobbies”  I have, are shrink plastic products. Since so far the posts have been on this product only, I’m sure no one is surprised (never fear, I’ll be posting other items in the very near future).

I don’t especially want to get trapped into the mistake of making only one thing (rings) with SP, so I have every intention of doing earrings, necklaces and of course, my favorite, buttons. Me being me, I don’t especially care for the cheap look that these buttons sometimes have. I like a nice crisp look, and plan on glazing more than a few buttons.

A great example of the type of button I am speaking of can be seen at Oh! I Like That.. these buttons are simple in bright crisp colors and the artwork simply cannot be beat. Imagine these on a vintage cardigan.

And yes, several will say very naughty and dirty things. What’s the sense otherwise?



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4 responses to “Crafter’s Withdrawal and Thoughts on SP Buttons

  1. My sister once made shrink plastic elephant buttons to go on a jacket for our baby nephew. We were sort of surprised at how nice they came out – they were great focal point for the jacket.

    • Jaie Johnson

      Naomi, shrink buttons are fantastic. Such a cheap medium and you can get some really amazing results. I’m always shocked at how nice something you figure will be cheap looking turns out.

  2. Kala

    Can’t wait to see some of your designs…soon:):)

    • Jaie Johnson

      Soon I hope Kala! I turned my craft cabinet inside out in the hopes of finding just ONE tiny piece of plastic! Luckily, my SP is at least coming from the US so it’ll be here soon.

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