Getting My Etsy Off the Ground

So I had an epiphany about my Etsy at the start of April. I realized that here, I had this account with Etsy since 2007 and I’d done nothing with it. Oh, I’d sold some stuff here and there, and bought some stuff, but three years later, still it sat. Nothing really listed, nothing much bought.

But I need money. Oh, I’m sure we all do. But we all don’t have a lack of running water, mold damaged walls, and a roof that leaks like a sieve. When it rains, the only bonus I have is that the water from the roof allows me to flush the toilet. Oh, and that’s one toilet in a two bathroom place.  Ah. Trailers.

But that’s stuff for my personal blog. My point is that I need cash more than most. I have a very limited income that needs some enhancing.

My business partner has also decided to cut back on physical shows. I don’t blame her, she’s several years older than I am and wants to slow down. Friends aren’t really interested (at least none of my local ones) in using their valuable time on weekends to continue working by doing craft shows. Again, understandable.

So how do I get my Etsy ff the ground? (no seriously how?) Well, I have online selling experience, and blogging experience.  I also do have an instinct for marketing myself.

So what have I done so far?

Joined teams. A few of them. But not so many I can’t keep up. My favorites so far?

Etsy Promotion Forum

The Circle Clicking Team

Circles and Activities Feeds Team

Shameless Self Promotion

Etsy Promotion Team

Blogging Buddies

Etsy Blog Team

Then there are Facebook-centric. These are teams that work with Facebook Fan Pages

Make My Facebook Famous

Facebook Marketing

Facebookers on Etsy

And my local group. If you are on Etsy, find your local group as fast as you can!

Upstate CNY Etsy

Another thing I’ve learned, treasuries are important. a good one gets you really noticed. They are also just plain fun to create.

But getting noticed is hard, luckily there is a team for that!

Treasury Promotion Team

Lastly, running my own team. No one there yet, but once in place, what I consider a niche market will have lots of support.

Shrink Plastic Artists

I have also pushed my Facebook fan page. I’m sure it drives family nuts to see me trolling for fans every other status update, but if I get a lot fans, I get more visibility, more visibility means that more people go to my actual Etsy store.

I dedicated a blog to just my crafting. No longer on my personal blog, I have now narrowed and focused my audience on just my crafts and money generating. It’s actually very refreshing.

I’ve done physical things as well. My house has been cleaned, so it is not a distraction from crafting and working on listing n Etsy. I no longer have guilt in the back of my head over not vacuuming.

I have set up a schedule to start once all my materials are in. Along with this schedule, I have a minimum per day, that is the what the number represents.

Monday-Wednesday-Friday is shrink plastic days. 20

Tuesday-Thursday is sewing or other crafts like paper crafts. Also any other type of crafting I intend on doing. 4/10

Also, I decided to limit myself to no more than 10/12 categories. This might change if I evolve, but with my current outside issues, I have to not over stress myself.

Community. More so than eBay touts itself to be, Etsy is truly community. I make sure to help fellow newbies like myself, ask lots of questions and try to participate daily in the team forums on Etsy.

Pick the brains of Etsy friends I actually know. The brain of Bunny has been worked over since she’s the most successful personal Etsy friend I have. She wouldn’t agree, but since she has made money at it and has lots of fans, she must be doing something partially right at least.

Flat out whoring of Etsy. My shop name is on my business cards, and I mention Etsy every chance I get.



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3 responses to “Getting My Etsy Off the Ground

  1. Congrats on your etsy shop! Etsy RuLeS!! I wish you the best with your shop & going to add you to my ‘circle’

    leecytx from swap-bot
    a craftgecko creation etsy shop

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