New Toys


So a while back on eBay, I managed to get a hold of a Dremel Moto Shop.

I feel the need to brag. This is by far the most complete Moto-Shop I have ever seen. In working condition no less.

So today. checking my email, I learned Fedex had delivered it. This is so exciting I’m ashamed of myself.

So what to do with this? Nearly anything! But my plans involve furniture in 1/6 scale. Don’t get me wrong, I love 1/12 scale.  But there is something about playscale I find so attractive.

It might be because of my slutty little doll Maude.

I made a chair for Maude a while back. My grandfather  cut the pieces for me. At the time, I was using kitchen scissors to cut wood out. As you can guess, it was a tedious process. Now, no more of that nonsense.

Anyone have requests?


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