The Value of Pictures

I’m no photographer. I admit it. Oh, I’ve got an eye for a great candid shot, but face it, I’m happy with some crappy $30 digital camera that doesn’t do much more than point and shoot. My friend Bunny at Faerie Garden Fancies on the other hand, is a pro. She puts a lot of work into pictures while seeming to do very little. She also has a kick ass camera. Which in my humble opinion is yes, really nice and a reason behind good pictures, but like anything else out there, it takes a great operator to run it. I doubt I’d get pictures half as good as she does with the same camera.

My stuff, especially my shrink plastic rings are highly detailed. I can’t capture even half their detail with my crappy Sanyo. And that SUCKS. Because I feel that my stuff is cute, and the detail can be amazing but because my camera can only do so much, I am not moving out stuff that I truly feel people would like.


Luckily, Bunny lives near me. As in, like 10  minutes away. (depending on if she’s dressed or not) so she took some pics for me of my stuff that I’m sharing, just to show you the huge difference between what I posted yesterday, and what the stuff actually looks like. Enjoy!!


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3 responses to “The Value of Pictures

  1. Awww… thankies much! ^-^

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