I Have to Admit…

I’m a little depressed. Oh, not entirely, the good news is, my stats are up. As in, WAY up. I can’t stress enough how far up, so I’ll just share a screen shot.


Now. This is for the last two weeks or so. This is GREAT. Yes, some is from the forums on Etsy, but my outside stats have picked up very nicely. Now, compare this to a year’s worth of stats and you’ll see why I’m pleased.

Yes. That’s why I’m pleased. My numbers are very plainly WAY up.  Nearly 9,000 in a year, and 2,000 in two weeks? Yes. Because if I keep going, that means I’ll have nearly 5,000 a month at this rate.

But, no sales. I realize, it’s back to school time, and I also realize that summer is when some go on vacations, and yeah yeah yeah, I get it. But I’ve only had TWO sales the entire time these stats are going up. That’s so damn depressing!!

And I see all the time people are being approached with wholesale offers, but why not me? I mean the chances it’d be a real offer are nil, but my ego would feel so much better.

I’m currently at 28 sales. I just can’t seem to get over that 30 mark!! I’m marketing (I suck at math but believe it or not, I actually contemplated going into marketing seriously, I love statistics and demographics with a passion) like mad, and it’s obviously working, but where are the sales? I feel I have a cute and unique item, that is clearly attracting attention, but it’s as if it’s a novelty that no one wants to buy.

I want my Etsy to work. I don’t even want much out of it. I figured, if it makes me $300 a month, I’ll be happy. That’d pay my rent and leave some money over for fun stuff like more supplies. Then I’d have money free to fix my dump of a trailer. I’m simple, I just want to be warm, and fed, and comfortable. And really, $300 is only about a ring a day.

I raised my  prices like I was told to, and it got me more attention, but no sales. Now part of me thinks raising my prices was a huge mistake.

I changed all my pictures to more uniform backgrounds, causing me to be in debt morally to a good friend for years probably. And it’s gotten me no sales. Now I wonder if I should have just shut up and had her take all the pictures on white backgrounds and let the rings fade into the damn backgrounds.

I’ve been putting myself out there to other bloggers, and big bloggers, offering them rings to review and so far, I’ve been featured on the Etsy Handmade Craft Carnival #4 but of course, that was the day we had the outage, so it got me no more than a couple of page views. Others have turned me down, and I’ve had juried panels just reject me in hours.

I really don’t think I’m doing anything wrong, I think I’m doing everything right in fact. Sure, there’s other things I could probably be doing, but I’m clearly getting my name out there. That’s how you get the sales, is if people see you. So I’m pleased my views are up. This will help me on Etsy, and it’ll help me on Google.

I’m trying to be positive, I have someone around besides my son (who is currently in Japan) who believes in my work, encourages me to go further and has done far more to help my rotten self esteem than anyone has in years. Much as I love my son, his admiration for my stuff is more an amused tolerance.  But having this person around has helped, and he knows it. (frankly, as smug as he’s been lately, I shouldn’t even write that!)

It’s just discouraging I guess. But I’m trying to keep my chin up and keep in mind that positive attracts positive and that people are marking holiday gifts and that once the kids go back to school I’ll get a seasonal rush.



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3 responses to “I Have to Admit…

  1. ankoku1331

    I totally understand what you are saying. I have been watching my wife, work non-stop, all summer, to get her shop into a more “sales-like” shape for no practical return. In case you are curious, her shop is the Logical Cat (link on my blog). I wonder what the key is to selling on Etsy, the shop I “run” gets tons of views and no sales. I’ve watched her help other people with their shops, join circles, promotions and everything that “they” tell you to do and nothing. The advice I’ve been giving her is keep at it, keep promoting yourself; I’ve been trying to get her to start a “how I did it” blog here and hopefully as the holiday season comes around sales will show up.

  2. FJL #315

    I’m counting on that too. I’ve been critiqued several times, everything is apparently good, except for a few who are convinced white backgrounds are the only viable thing on Etsy, I strongly disagree, my photographer’s items have made the front page of Etsy. I just feel I need some kind of break, an offer from fab.com, or Etsy’s front page, something! I’m hoping the upswing in likes is in my favor and it means holiday shopping but boy, its tough. I sit back, make a few more resin and hand drawn rings to list, talk in the forums, give my own critiques, but ugh, its so non stop.

  3. I can understand your frustration! I have two stores, my one store does great, my other store.. I’ve sold absolutely nothing. And I know that my work is good that I’m putting up. I took a look at your store, I think the items you have are very unique. I personally would like to see more cohesive photos, I think it would be more appealing, but if you think these are working for you, then by all means stick with them. The photos don’t have to be on white backgrounds either, I’m loving the ones on the wood and on the book pages. Also, I think if you rearrange your shop so it flows a little bit better, like all your rings are together, all your patterns are together, etc. I think it might look more appealing too. Just some suggestions for you to think about.
    Piper’s Place

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