Bright Blue Dresses


So, obviously, I got some of the dress done I’m planning. This is the center back, and back sides. I’ve still got the front sides, and center front to get done. But it will be the same kind of theme, clocks, and time.

I’ve got an idea for the skirt, but it’ll require collaboration from someone I know, since it will be using a fabric I’m not very good with, but I can say, it probably isn’t what people are expecting me to do.

So, hopefully today will at least be cutting the last two bodice sections, and the sleeves, and then I want to flat-line the entire thing with some muslin.



Filed under Costuming, Embroidery Machine, Sewing

2 responses to “Bright Blue Dresses

    • Jaie

      Thanks. Some left over heavy linen that had no other use, cutting it rather close, but it’ll be worth every stitch.

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