Blue Dress Update

So my “TARDIS” did what many costumes tend to do, and it changed personality once I was working on it. So, there is currently no longer a serious focus to a Doctor Who. Steampunk, Moulin Rouge thing, but now, it is what it is, and we’ll see what that is, when it is done. Meanwhile, I do have the back of the bodice done and lined. I have the front, and front sides left, and there is another embroidery design I want first. Actually, I lie, there are four.


The first is this clockwork rose from Urban Threads (may as well admit now, all 4 designs are UT). I want the rose to go on the bodice side front, pretty much like the birdcages, but roses this time.

For the sleeves, I want these cogs, that will be done in more glow in the dark, black, and silver. But I want the entire sleeve covered as if with an all over print. This idea is tentative right now.  But for sure, this design will be on the upper arm, either directly on there, or as a patch, because this dress is leaning more towards steampunk airship uniform. It’s not my fault, I swear. But this design will be going over the breast.


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