I’m Jacqueline, or Jaie for short. I run a small Etsy store “Dirty Girl Designs” where I sell my handmade items to others to enjoy and for them not to clutter up my home!

Why the name Dirty Girl Designs? Well, I like to get dirty. Physically and mentally. I might be happily working on stuffed dolls for babies this week, and next week making floggers for the S&M crowd.

I work in several mediums, but of course, I do have a few favorites. I love shrink plastic, I sew clothing and other items, I enjoy working with metal and I never have met a paper art I could say no to.

I live in gorgeous (but snowy) Central New York, in Oswego which is about 45 minutes north of Syracuse. I love it here with all the seasons, and yes, I even enjoy the snow.


One response to “About

  1. Reeves Barbara

    I have just watched your video on the Bell Portable Machine. I have one as well and want to sell it. Like your’s it has everything – machine, plate, suitcase, attachments, etc. I used it a lot when I was a young married – now am OLD. You mentioned training children about sewing – if you need another
    of these machines for that purpose – let me know.

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