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Shrink Plastic Chairs

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So I got creative over the weekend. These are 1:18 scale shrink plastic chairs. I regret not taking pictures of the process, but I will be doing so.

The chairs are drawn out flat, in 1:6 scale (Playscale) and then are decorated, in one case, with a French provincial-ish design, the other is flat out Hello Kitty love in the form of Charmmy Kitty.

The other two are a frosted version, that was actually the very first chair, and a clear chair that I am calling a mini-mock Louis Ghost Chair

After the shrinking process, I quickly wrap the still hot around a can on Avon powder. Semi cooled, I then would pull together the center front. If you look close you see that I’ll have to glue the center front together. I’m currently debating glue of choice. I’m torn between super glue and beading glue. I’ve also hesitated on using my glue gun but an experiment with the very first chair which was a black ladder back. The glue just didn’t hold. Super glue might melt the plastic is my concern. So we’ll see what happens.

On a side note, the black SP is utterly terrible with the curved chair. With the ladder back it worked pretty well.

The CK chair, has a seat for it, although in a couple photos using it as a table top for the hot pink legs. It’s actually the seat to the chair. It’s a hair off in measurements, but I’ll fill that in with a glue or something and Sharpie it.

I’m also looking into a couple types of sealer. I’m having bad smearing issues on a chair and the rings.

A good post I found suggest spraying, then sealing. So I’ll be investing  in some of those products.

So why this scale? Honestly? It worked out this way. I had no idea if my own math was right (I’m terrible at math) and a friend didn’t answer my text, but a fast Facebook post asking what the answer was resulted in the answer I’d gotten, that it was Petite Princess or Tomy scale. This makes me very happy. These are my two vintage collections. But being able to add in pieces to an eventual PP or Tomy house is amazing. It doesn’t limit me to just the collection, of existing pieces. And, I’m fairly sure I can do lamps that actually light up.

Now I want to work on bowls. I’ve got a theory, I just need to get the right tools.

The legs to the table, same thing. They are notched to slide together. This will be nice for some super modern clear pieces and reproduction Provincial.

I’m going to be finishing these up and listing them on Etsy hopefully next week. Thoughts?


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Sewing Thoughts

I sew. A lot. I am trying to avoid much of it on my Etsy for a couple of reasons.

My machine is not the best for commercial sewing. I use a White Rotary that is over 70 years old. It’s a great machine for what I want to do, and my seams are solid, but these days if people don’t see serged seams they assume it’ll fall apart.

I sew weird shit. I like ethnic clothing as opposed to fads. I enjoy historic sewing as opposed to modern. It’s a niche market that is already saturated by far more talented people.

But I do enjoy sewing. And, I do enjoy sewing for others.  So a while back I decided that this year I was going to do Little Dresses for Africa.  I do strongly feel that charity begins at home, and that means here in the states, however, this is a charity I can understand. Kids need clothes. Having said that, I do intend on anyone stateside having first dibs on these dresses. I am also not religious but I do believe in mission work as long as the religion is not the be all and end all for people receiving help. That means, that if people want to come to church, fine. But don’t make it a condition of helping them.

But enough of that.

So, I plan on adding dresses for girls to my Etsy soon. With the understanding that one dress purchases a second that will be put into a bag and shipped to Africa when I have 10. My goal is to send 100 dresses eventually. But fabric ain’t cheap. Pillowcases ain’t cheap. And my time is not cheap. So I plan on the dresses being of vintage fabrics, patch work in some cases, and just in general up-cycled fabrics.

I also think with some of my other sewing I may do the same thing. For example if I list an ethnic dress based from Afghanistan for example, I might make 4 dresses for Africa.

And as I said, priority is this country. If I run into some little girl in town who is wearing heavy clothes because her parents can’t afford to get summer clothes, she gets first pick. Just how it’ll be. I live in a poor area of NY state and poverty is right at my own door.

As my other love is my darling Maude (she has her own Facebook page by the way) any furniture and clothing that is made for the shop I’m trying to make the same rule. I want to be able to give stuff away to those who might never see a dollhouse otherwise.

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New Toys


So a while back on eBay, I managed to get a hold of a Dremel Moto Shop.

I feel the need to brag. This is by far the most complete Moto-Shop I have ever seen. In working condition no less.

So today. checking my email, I learned Fedex had delivered it. This is so exciting I’m ashamed of myself.

So what to do with this? Nearly anything! But my plans involve furniture in 1/6 scale. Don’t get me wrong, I love 1/12 scale.  But there is something about playscale I find so attractive.

It might be because of my slutty little doll Maude.

I made a chair for Maude a while back. My grandfather  cut the pieces for me. At the time, I was using kitchen scissors to cut wood out. As you can guess, it was a tedious process. Now, no more of that nonsense.

Anyone have requests?

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