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Vintage Lutterloh Spring 1954

I’ve been having people ask me to do up a 50’s dress, and others wanted to see some Lutterloh in action, so I figured I’d do both at once.

So I had a fast trip to Walmart tonight, and at mine, I’m very lucky. We have aisles of fabric, and I mean, aisles. And often some great bargains. Tonight I ran into this sheer black striped fabric that instantly screamed 50’s vintage to me.


Hello 1954


The black stripe is sheer, and was $1.50 a yard and there was a bit over 6 yards. Perfect! I instantly thought of a 50’s cocktail dress and in the Spring 1954 Lutterloh, found this gem.

Spring 1954


Now, on the model, the matching cotton skirt is lined with contrast, probably glove satin to match the gloves. I’m going to skip the liner and make the over skirt in the sheer fabric. The dress itself will be in the black cotton. I also picked up some black tulle, so there’s a chance there could be a layer of tulle under the sheer over skirt. Not sure on embroidery just yet, my bigger machine is in the shop, and I’m not sure I want to attack an entire dress with a 4×4 machine, but, we’ll see.




Lutterloh is done at 1/4 scale, and using a special tape measure, and bust and hip measures, you draft your scaled pattern larger, in your size.






These don’t take much to do, and the bodice front was done upside down, so this should be interesting. You have to have at least intermediate sewing knowledge to work with Lutterloh, there are no instructions, so it helps if you’ve worked with patterns. There’s often not even numbers on the pieces saying that you need 2 pieces of something. You have to assume a lot.

This is the bodice front, it took me a minute to realize that the bodice front has a semi crossed front, next I’ll do the back and skirt pieces, I’ll more than likely do the main body of the dress first and I’m debating making the over skirt detachable.


But, that’s it for now, more posts as I progress, life has been a bit insane here as usual, but drafting these goes pretty fast, some hopefully I can have this together next week so I can start on some other dresses I’d like to get done.



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