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How you doing?

I’ve always felt with my Etsy that I was just doing it to get some spare cash here and there. And really, I still do. Anything I sell on Etsy is spare cash for me. But, having said that, my last 6 months have been about getting off my ass and making my Etsy actual work as a viable income.

And no, it isn’t a viable income just yet. But with all the hard work I’ve put in for the last two months, I’m starting to see results. I’ve gotten critiques, I’ve had questions for people, I’ve had friends help me set certain things up for me like Google Analytics, and just in general revamped the shop.My goals for the next two weeks are pretty simple.

  • A banner. Bunny from Faerie Garden Fancies is working on one for me, and I’m hoping to have it up this weekend or early next week.
  • Ring inventory.  I’m waiting on an Etsy payment to clear, or to sell some more stuff so that I can buy supplies. And right now, that’s ink and more printable shrink plastic. I’m hoping to be able to get more than 6 sheets, but 6 sheets gives me nearly 100 rings of the all shrink type, so I won’t fuss much if I can’t get more than that right now. I’ve been told to up my inventory and to keep adding to it as often as possible. Since the rings seem to be my strong point, my goal is to get at least 200 into the shop before the end of August. Poor Bunny, her camera will never be able to charge.
  • More pimping. At least daily submitting to some handmade site, or some kind of ad. I’m really looking for fellow bloggers who would like to carry my add in exchange for me hosting theirs.
  • Sales. This is connected to the pimping, but I really need a sale a week or I really can’t see how I’ll get business. I need to be visible! So, pushing my stuff on people, getting FB people to share my links, and just keep going until I get over that hump into the 30 sales area. I seem to be stuck at 28.

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New Toys


So a while back on eBay, I managed to get a hold of a Dremel Moto Shop.

I feel the need to brag. This is by far the most complete Moto-Shop I have ever seen. In working condition no less.

So today. checking my email, I learned Fedex had delivered it. This is so exciting I’m ashamed of myself.

So what to do with this? Nearly anything! But my plans involve furniture in 1/6 scale. Don’t get me wrong, I love 1/12 scale.  But there is something about playscale I find so attractive.

It might be because of my slutty little doll Maude.

I made a chair for Maude a while back. My grandfather  cut the pieces for me. At the time, I was using kitchen scissors to cut wood out. As you can guess, it was a tedious process. Now, no more of that nonsense.

Anyone have requests?

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I ordered some shrink plastic today. Around 50 sheets which I’m hoping will hold me over a while. Barring mistakes, if I was just to do rings (a real possibility) I’d have hundreds of rings to sell. But, I have other SP projects I’d like to do so I am setting myself a limit of no more than 20 all SP rings, and 20 rings with bases.  I’m going to try checking Joanne’s for some ring bases, and maybe Wal*Mart. Much as those two stores annoy me, both have a halfway decent supply of jewelery findings and if I can buy a few to hold me over locally, I’d rather.

I have to admit loving working with this medium.  It’s very low brain wave usage to create with, the translucence allows for tracing, the medium handles any sort of decoration, markers, pencils, paints and then glitters and the like. I’ve never really worked with it using embossing powders, and I have no real idea how, but I’d like to give it a try.

I know I have scrap pieces all over the place, think I can find them? Nope. Not sure where they are but I know darn well I have enough to experiment with. Or even to make some small things with.

I also want to invest in some of the bigger punches for doing buttons.  I use the Cricut cutter but that really beats the crap out of the blades.

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