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Throwing Down, Not In

So I made the decision that I’m cutting back on most of my stuff in the Etsy shop, and taking it down to just a few things for a while, stuff hasn’t been selling to the point that the shop is currently closed and I’m sick of making stuff and having it sit here. I’m not only not making a profit, I’m not even breaking even.
Handmade simply doesn’t pay down here, and it’s getting more and more stressful, and I’m kinda over it. Etsy was always meant to be a way to get a few extra things in life, like my recreational life, books, or the occasional pizza (refuse to admit how long *that* has been), and lately, it hasn’t even done that. I’ve got 1k in “fans” on the business page, and if I get 1 sale a month, I’m ahead of the game, aside from posts for sales that I had to literally beg for, and I’m really tired of it. I can’t keep forcing people to buy. It’s not fair to me, and it isn’t fair to these friends who are as poor as I am most of the time, they don’t need the added guilt of not being able to help.
More recently, Etsy was meant to supplement my income, which is super low (and getting a “real job” isn’t as uncomplicated as people would like to think). As some probably know, for the third year going, people on social security haven’t received a cost of living increase. Living in a really bad trailer, and even as only one person, my expenses aren’t massive, but they are for sure beyond an income that wasn’t high to begin with. (less than $900 a month for the curious) I was buying basics with it, including food, and a desperate effort at keeping the internet on here so I didn’t lose my sanity. (further anyhow) 
So I’m going back to my roots on this, I’m going to do stuff *I* want to do, projects *I* want to make. Not cracking out 600 of something on the off chance someone might want it. This area has no craft shows, and my efforts to get my fellow local artists interested in the idea of a co-op have fallen on deaf ears and I refuse to keep saying it. I’m 100% sure when someone else local does a co-op, they’ll be the first to jump on the idea. Generally how things work here, no one listens to the fat chick.
I’ll still be selling Mr. Dicky, and in fact, sort of revamping him to make the focus on him more, and getting rid of stuff like the keyfobs, and going back to one off projects that I don’t repeat, that way when they don’t sell, I don’t feel guilty, and there is much more of myself in a project that way.
So, from now on, some things are going to have to be by request, and most of the time, I’ll be sending you to other people, because I’m kinda over the idea of raising my blood pressure over this anymore. I’m not the only one feeling unappreciated in the realms of handmade, but I am for sure one of the wordiest.
I’ve got to concentrate on myself, not exactly as an artist, but as a creative type who is slowly being strangled by necessity, when the basic truth it, at this point, I’d rather starve and freeze then continue to have to berate people to get sales. If knowing how I live isn’t enough motivation for people to buy from a starving artist, then so be it, perhaps they can donate their money to the next head tattoo removal on GoFundMe.

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