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Shrink Plastic Chairs

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So I got creative over the weekend. These are 1:18 scale shrink plastic chairs. I regret not taking pictures of the process, but I will be doing so.

The chairs are drawn out flat, in 1:6 scale (Playscale) and then are decorated, in one case, with a French provincial-ish design, the other is flat out Hello Kitty love in the form of Charmmy Kitty.

The other two are a frosted version, that was actually the very first chair, and a clear chair that I am calling a mini-mock Louis Ghost Chair

After the shrinking process, I quickly wrap the still hot around a can on Avon powder. Semi cooled, I then would pull together the center front. If you look close you see that I’ll have to glue the center front together. I’m currently debating glue of choice. I’m torn between super glue and beading glue. I’ve also hesitated on using my glue gun but an experiment with the very first chair which was a black ladder back. The glue just didn’t hold. Super glue might melt the plastic is my concern. So we’ll see what happens.

On a side note, the black SP is utterly terrible with the curved chair. With the ladder back it worked pretty well.

The CK chair, has a seat for it, although in a couple photos using it as a table top for the hot pink legs. It’s actually the seat to the chair. It’s a hair off in measurements, but I’ll fill that in with a glue or something and Sharpie it.

I’m also looking into a couple types of sealer. I’m having bad smearing issues on a chair and the rings.

A good post I found suggest spraying, then sealing. So I’ll be investing  in some of those products.

So why this scale? Honestly? It worked out this way. I had no idea if my own math was right (I’m terrible at math) and a friend didn’t answer my text, but a fast Facebook post asking what the answer was resulted in the answer I’d gotten, that it was Petite Princess or Tomy scale. This makes me very happy. These are my two vintage collections. But being able to add in pieces to an eventual PP or Tomy house is amazing. It doesn’t limit me to just the collection, of existing pieces. And, I’m fairly sure I can do lamps that actually light up.

Now I want to work on bowls. I’ve got a theory, I just need to get the right tools.

The legs to the table, same thing. They are notched to slide together. This will be nice for some super modern clear pieces and reproduction Provincial.

I’m going to be finishing these up and listing them on Etsy hopefully next week. Thoughts?


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