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So I’m getting ready, starting next week to cast resin. I’m not going to just yet discuss much what’s going to be made, beyond the fact that I am expanding my ring designs to include items either domed or cast with resin. While I’ve cast with metal, resin is a new medium for me. I’m not real worried on being able to do it, my worries have to do with being able to tolerate the fumes (I have exceptionally bad asthma) and I admit, that considering how little my Etsy sells that I’m getting involved in another hobby that won’t pay for itself.


I am thinking though that I need to do physical shows again. I’m hoping to find someone to partner up with someone who wants to be on the road at least locally and wants to do the shows at least every weekend.


I think my resin ideas are good. Two of the ideas I’m just not ready to discuss yet, but I can say that the rings will be done easily, my ring bases, with either a solid resin casting of some kind or with domed shrink plastic will hopefully be live as of next week. I have some great vintage stickers and some awesome items to embed into resin for pendants and rings.

I realize there are already a lot of resin casters on Etsy, but given the nature of Etsy, I know my items (beyond a basic shape) won’t be like anything anyone else casts.


Here’s to hoping it works!



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